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Zhangmen Expands Smart Hardware Lineup With Launch of Scan Study Pen S6

SHANGHAI, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Zhangmen Education Inc. ("Zhangmen" or the "Company") (NYSE: ZME), a leading online education company in China, today announced the debut of its Zhangmen Scan Study Pen S6, another masterpiece in the Company's growing smart hardware lineup. With total cumulative sales of over ten thousand, the Scan Study Pen S6 will complement Zhangmen's customized Smart Tablet Learning Machine and Xiaoli Smart Learning Machine, taking the Company's foray into smart hardware a step further and making advanced, efficient learning tools available to more consumers of all ages.

Industry-Leading Features to Enhance Learning

Zhangmen's Scan Study Pen S6 has prominent advantages compared with similar products in the market. Leveraging its expertise in education research and teacher resources, Zhangmen embedded its high-quality master class videos into the Scan Study Pen S6 to provide learners with premium, exclusive learning content. Class videos from renowned teachers deliver detailed explanations of objectives and specific knowledge points, coupled with questions to improve understanding. The pen answers questions promptly to help learners solve problems while they study on their own, encouraging more efficient and independent learning.

The Scan Study Pen S6 is an essential learning tool for foreign language learners of all levels. In addition to integrated Zhangmen-exclusive master classes, the pen boasts multiple language learning functions, including character identification, word search, translation and scanning, meeting the needs of students of all ages. With these tools, the pen removes many obstacles to independent learning of multiple languages including English and Chinese, and provides a comprehensive, systematic solution for independent study.

Currently, the pen supports translation via scan as well as offline Chinese/English word search via both scan and voice, boasting high scanning identification accuracy and fast translation speed. Users only need to point the tip of the Scan Study Pen S6 at a word, and with a quick sweep, its meaning appears. The voice search function is equally fast and convenient – users simply press the voice button, speak the English word or phrase in question, and release the button to view the search results.

In addition to its translation and word search functions, the Scan Study Pen S6 features smart questions-and-answers, textbook scanning, oral tests, natural spelling training, vocabulary books, graded word study, and a smart voice-enabled encyclopedia. Zhangmen's graded word study, which supports offline use, is incredibly effective, covering a massive amount of vocabulary from primary school, middle school, high school, College English Test Band 4 and 6 (CET-4 and CET-6), IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and postgraduate entrance exams. Following the rules of scientific learning, users can take a quiz after studying and add their mistakes to the vocabulary book with one click, making review more convenient and greatly improving learning efficiency.

In terms of hardware, the Scan Study Pen S6 is equipped with a large 3.5-inch high-definition screen with vision protection, which also supports wireless projection. The screen can display words, phonetic symbols, parts of speech, pronunciation, meaning, and example sentences on one screen without turning pages, allowing users to search words easily, enhancing the learning experience.

The Future of Smart Learning Hardware

Zhangmen's approach to smart education hardware sets the Company apart from the other players in the field, relying on its own resources and strengths in product research and development to launch hardware products that better meet users' demands and usage scenarios. This year, Zhangmen accelerated its smart hardware expansion and unveiled a series of smart education hardware products in quick succession. Sales of Zhangmen's smart hardware products have increased rapidly after their launch. The Zhangmen Customized Smart Tablet Learning Machine and Xiaoli Smart Learning Machine retail for RMB3,999 and RMB1,999 respectively, while the Scan Study Pen was reportedly sold through Zhangmen's online channels at a price of RMB999.

Zhangmen's strategically-timed launch of its series of smart hardware products will help the Company capture this unprecedented market opportunity. Gaining a foothold in the education smart hardware industry will also accelerate the Company's growth with a new growth curve, and enhance the Company's brand positioning with coverage of more learning scenarios. As the digital transformation and development of the education industry enters a new stage, Zhangmen will continue to lead with innovative, effective products and outstanding performance.

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