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Company Profile

Company Profile

Zhangmen Education Inc. (NYSE: ZME) is a leading online education company in China focused on providing personalized online courses to K-12 students. Our core course offerings encompass one-on-one and small-class after-school tutoring services covering all core K-12 academic subjects. According to Frost & Sullivan Report, we have been the largest online K-12 one-on-one after-school tutoring service provider in China in terms of gross billings since 2017, with 31.9% market share in 2020, exceeding that of the rest of the top 10 players combined in 2020.

We have established a portfolio of well-recognized online education brands known for delivering exceptional learning outcomes to our students. We believe that personalized education service is the key to an effective learning experience, and as such, we strategically started our business by focusing on after-school tutoring services in one-on-one format. Leveraging our high-quality teaching talents with localized insights, data-driven localized educational content and powerful technology infrastructure, we provide a personalized and results-driven learning experience to students across different regions. Over the years, we have successfully garnered wide recognition in the industry and established “Zhangmen” as a trusted online education brand.

Our Course Offerings

We offer comprehensive library of tutoring courses covering all core K-12 academic subjects and early childhood education courses. We mainly offer courses in online one-on-one format through our flagship program, Zhangmen One-on-One. Drawing upon its success, we launched Zhangmen Small Class, and we also offer a number of early childhood courses through other programs.


Zhangmen One-on-One

Our Zhangmen One-on-One courses are offered in online one-on-one format with a full spectrum of course offerings covering all core K-12 academic subjects. Zhangmen One-on-One courses are available seven days a week, enabling students to enjoy flexible course scheduling options.

Zhangmen Small Class

We launched Zhangmen Small Class in July 2020 to offer online small-class after-school tutoring courses. Our Zhangmen Small Class are aimed to address diversified needs of parents and students. Our course offerings cover the key K-12 academic subjects.

Other Courses

In March 2018, we launched Zhangmen Kids, our online formative education services for children aged from 4 to 10. We offer a diverse array of subjects, including Chinese, logical thinking and learning methodology to students aged between 6 to 10, and non-school curriculum subjects, including logical thinking and learning methodology to students aged between 4 to 5.

In August 2020, we launched Xiaoli (formerly known as Zhangmen AI), our online formative education services for children aged between 3 to 8. We offer subjects including art, logic training, and language skills. Our in-house developed courses are pre-recorded utilizing our proprietary course content, and delivered in the format of animation with AI interactions, to provide knowledge to children through vivid animation and interesting games.